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Write Your Stories for Future Generations
Write Your Stories for Future Generations

Humans are hardwired to love stories; some of our favorites come from our grandparents. If you’ve ever wished your grandparents had written down their life stories, start writing yours. And if your parents are still around, help them write theirs. It may sound daunting – putting a whole lifetime on paper – but a fresh new crop of books make it easy and fun.

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Supporting Caregivers and Older Adults

Mary Marita is Senior Vice President and COO at Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. She has 22+ years of executive and administrative leadership in the aging field including long-term care and community-based organizations and is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. In 2012, Marita was recognized by Crain's in the 40 Under 40 awards and was honored as a YWCA Woman of Professional Excellence. Lisa Weitzman is the Benjamin Rose Institute Care Consultation Manager of Business Development. She holds an LISW-S license and Dementia Care Specialist certification. She has a passion for social justice and the social determinants of health as they pertain to older adults aging well in the community.

Ways To Pay For Care While Protecting Assets

Greg McIntyre is VA Certified and an Elder Law Attorney based in North Carolina. He became a lawyer to fight courtroom battles which he did for years. However, after working in an environment where the focus was always on the next billable hour, he started McIntyre Elder Law practice because he was interested in being more than just a lawyer. Greg was interested in making a difference in his clients’ lives.

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